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The People:

Welcoming, engaging and effervescent.

In today's fast-pace, work-heavy, cell phone always buzzing atmosphere, we strive as a staff to give you that break by greeting you with a smile and allowing you to unwind. We have no pretensions. We don’t judge you because of what you wear or where you hail. Zip codes, degrees, business expense accounts and family inheritances are of no interest to us. We wear jeans. Our grandparents worked with your grandparents and for us, every time you sit down, you are joining us, at our house, for dinner. You come to The Met because it's like walking into Cheers and you are Norm and everyone will get to know your name.

The Building:

On the National Register of Historic Places, the Metropolitan Block is a Lima icon that personifies the beautiful architecture that only a historic downtown has to offer. Erected in 1880, this five-story brick edifice ushered in the glory days of the Black Swamp and is the focal point for today’s downtown redevelopment and revitalization. Located in the epicenter of commerce and culture across the courthouse and down the street from the Civic Center, at the corner of North and Main Street, in DTL (Downtown Lima). This is the building in downtown Lima that bridges the gap between Lima’s past and its upward trending future.

The Concept:

The Met strives to be that great third place. It ushers in the renewal of the neighborhood gathering establishment that to many is a nostalgic remnant of a time too long ago to remember. Here, we celebrate our history, diversity and the people of the City of Lima, Allen County and the surrounding counties that play, live and work in our City. We are approachable: The space includes an exposed kitchen serving “refined-hearty” cuisine, a beautiful locally crafted bar, original 21 foot tin ceilings, reclaimed tables, event spaces, private dining areas, a swanky lounge and quiet places for business meetings or intimate affairs.

Our food and beverage offerings are intended to be approachable and satisfying. We have things you are familiar with and present those that are a bit new to your palate with comfort and ease. We are locally owned and operated while being employee inspired and driven.

The Experience:

Fun and sometimes loud. Meaningful but not pretentious. Classy but not budget-breaking. Here at The Met we believe that wine is for everyone, craft beers are to be explored, spirits are to be experienced and food is to be enjoyed and paired with friends. People have stated that when you enter The Met, you don’t feel like you are in Lima anymore….Welcome to the New Lima. The Met is the new standard.