Daily House White
Glass 5

Disruption Chard, Washington
Glass 6 Bottle 22

Pinot Grigio & Verduzzio, Masi, Italy

Glass 6 Bottle 22

Custard Chardonnay, California
Glass 7 Bottle 24

La Vigne Des Sablons Vouvray, France
Glass 6 Bottle 19

Reisling, Max Ferd. Richter, Germany
Glass 6 Bottle 18

Sauvignon Blanc, Honey Shale, South Africa
Glass 7 Bottle 23

Babich, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
Glass 7 Bottle 19 


Daily House Red
Glass 5

Red Blend, Shebang, California
Glass 6 Bottle 19

Whitehall Merlot, Napa California
Glass 9 Bottle 38

Vino Alberdi, Rioja, Spain
Glass 7 Bottle 24

Lola, Pinot Noir, California
Glass 9 Bottle 29

Sean Minor, Napa Cab 
Glass 7 Bottle 29

Dirty and Rowdy Mourvedre, California
Glass 7 Bottle 34

CH. St Sulpice, Bordeaux, France
Glass 7 Bottle 34

Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Glass 3 Bottle 33

Miro Petite Sirah, California
Glass 8 Bottle 35

Runaway Red, Brooks Pinot Noir, Oregon
Glass 9 Bottle 29

Shiraz, 19 Crimes, Australia
Glass 7 Bottle 20

Cabby, Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Glass 9 Bottle 37

Allamand Malbec, Argentina
Glass 6 Bottle 19

Chaos Theory, Brown Estate, California
Bottle 50


Moscato D'asti, Cascinetta Vietti, Italy
Glass 8 Bottle 20

Cagnina Di Romagna, Mi Amore Red, Italy
Glass 7 Bottle 19

Sparkling Sweet Red, Rosa Di Rosa, Itlay
Glass 8 Bottle 20

Albana Di Romagna, Mi Amore White, Italy
Glass 7 Bottle 19

Riesling, Washington HIlls, Washinging
Glass 6 Bottle 14

Moscato, Douglass Hill, California
Glass 5 Bottle 12


St. Hilare, Oldest Sparkling Wine In The World
Bottle 25

Los Monteros Cava
Glass 6 Bottle 19


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